loogo white

'So one day, sitting in our kitchen, completely out of the blue, like she was telling me what she had bought at the shops that day, mum just came out with it. 

How could she, she who had made me the fan I was, she who was still playing his records, she who saw Auntie Margaret virtually every day, how could she have overlooked this monumental fact for all of these years?

‘…blah de blah, blah Sainsbury’s……Oh did I tell you, Auntie Margaret actually met Elvis in Germany’.

‘WHAT?’ '

Elvis plaque at Prestwick Airport

How great if he had actually lived to perform this. Long live the King

Maybe for fans only but Elvis at his best, entertaining in an intimate session in 1968

When we went to Sandbanks in the summer holidays for a day out, I’d often take myself off during the day and walk to Hengistbury Head and back, maybe an hour each way. Always with my tape recorder and a couple of Elvis tapes, often of his concerts. To this day I probably know them word for word, including all the bits between the songs.