loogo white

'What was coming towards me, like an express train, was a young, very tall man with very long hair, like a girls. He was dressed completely in denim (jeans, shirt and jacket) and wearing large, heavy, noisy boots. 

It was not the image of anybody that I’d seen before and as he was running full pelt towards us and I could now see that he was looking directly at us, in my mind he was obviously mad. That along with all of the warnings I’d received (like don’t talk to strangers) and having recently been taken to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, I clearly thought that he was about to snatch me and carry me off.'


The Bow Wow Wow cover that caused so much controversy. Picture taken in Reigate Priory Park which was next to our school

Early 60’s Status Quo, Pictures of Matchstick Men with Roy Lynes (who was a friend of my dad’s) on keyboards

Finally got to see Quo in Dec (13) at the O2 with my mate Dave ( of PG Tips & Robbie fame)
Of course there were other scary TV programmes too, Star Trek could often have us hiding behind our hands, but even now my brother Joff can’t watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang because of memories of the Child Catcher and so if I want to wind him up I just say ‘lollipops’ in that creepy voice.