loogo white

With everything that has passed before it was almost inevitable that;

  • I would probably want to invent a game
  • It would probably involve music
  • It may well involve cricket                    
  • It would not be straightforward

And it finally happened in 2007.

Following a period of intense development; when I obviously had far too much time on my hands, it was ‘showcased’ as part of our family Christmas get together. It was in the form of a music quiz and this was the birth of ‘Pop Cricket’.


To have the best chance getting this right you will need to read the book to get the exact rules but put simply;

The number of legs are runs and if there’s no legs it’s a wicket.

Example: Songs with girl’s names (feel free to contact with your own ideas)
Maggie’s Farm – Bob Dylan
Audrey Hepburn – Little Man Tate
Joan of Arc – OMD
My Bonnie – The Bristols
Whole lotta Rosie – AC/DC
Deborah – T-Rex
Michaela Strachan – Scouting for Girls
Sexy Sadie – The Beatles
Caroline – Status Quo
Julie the Schooly – The Macc Lads
See Emily Play – Pink Floyd
Veronica – Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Christine – Siouxsie & The Banshees
She wore a hat like Princess Marina – The Kinks
Hello, this is Joanie – Paul Evans
Yoshimi battles the pink Robots – The Flaming Lips
I’m Mandy, Fly Me – 10cc
Delilah – Tom Jones
Gloria – Patti Smith
Mustang Sally – The Commitments