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‘I can’t think of many songs about managing people that work in High Street stores which my kids will tune into because the lyrics have anything to do with their dad’s work. The nearest example is from Laura Catlow’s song ‘If There’s Anything More’:  

‘We work in telesales and IT, in admin and libraries. We sell sweets and work in cafés. We’re shop assistants and police ladies.’

Even now, ‘A Transport of Delight’ is on a playlist in my car. On long car journeys, the kids often pick it as a singalong. This sort of music is banned when my girlfriend is in the car, however, as she thinks it is a crime to bring up the children on such rubbish.

She cannot believe the ‘ding, ding’ story. Even worse for her is that my eldest, at five years old, knew all the words to Lonnie Donegan’s ‘My Old Man’s a Dustman’. My girlfriend nearly cried when her daughter asked that we play Chas and Dave’s singalong CD in the car.


One of the ad’s that causes so many debates. This is my favourite, probably due to the musical joke / play on words.


There were dozens like this to try and explain the baffling new currency system introduced in 1971


It’s good, but not the best…or is it?


A ‘gang’ with a secret hideout and a Double Decker bus as a den. This was compulsive viewing for kids in 1970-71.

If you’d like to join the debate on the best PG tips ad then please get involved.

Brinsley Forde, in the DD’s line up was also the lead singer of the group ASWAD and appeared in the James Bond film ‘Diamonds are forever’.

My partner always had a thing for Sticks (Bruce Clarke) and when we introduced her daughter to the programme (via the DVD) she did too!