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While in his corporate guise the author has contributed to various trade editorials, this is his first published book.  

Peter Gilbert currently resides in Kent, England where his free time is spent writing, listening to an eclectic assortment of music, still making ‘mixed tapes’, creating art pieces from pop culture, contributing to various blogs and websites… and daydreaming
“It has been kindly described as Nick Hornby meets Mark Radcliffe,” says Gilbert. “Readers will get an insight into a pop music inspired family life, celebrity encounters and many adventures that our generation has experienced along the way.”

Continuing, “However, what makes this book a little different is allowing readers to get beyond the page by suggesting web links and references to YouTube as well as having an integrated website, meaning that readers can bring the content to life, re-experience many of the things that made the past great and get access to additional material once they have finished the book. Readers are already reporting that they’re getting lost in a sea of nostalgia online – which is exactly what I intended and did myself when I was writing it!”

Ben Elton responded to the author’s request for feedback with a kind note of “Best Wishes and Good Luck with your writing,” giving Gilbert the inspiration he needs to vigorously promote his work and entertain the masses.